Promoting heritage of Delhi through education and e-commerce

Indian Heritage Sites is a unique portal for the promotion of heritage of Delhi through disemmination of information and e-commerce. It is owned by "Heritage Trust" - a non-profit making charitable trust registered under Indian Registration Act. In this endevour, "The Heritage Society" - a voluntary organisation registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act -  is an active partner of Heritage Trust.    


History, Information, Knowledge, Products and Services


Indian Heritage Sites is the first site in India which promotes heritage of Delhi free of cost on the one hand and brings all products and services related to Heritage of Delhi on one portal on the other hand. So, one gets all necessary information regarding the sites, rules, acts, organisations etc., relating to Delhi's heritage free of cost as well online procurement all heritage products and services. The aim is not quantity but quality and assurance. It is a bazar, where one can get anything of heritage value. IIf you want to know, learn and research about Delhi's heritage, experience its tangible and intangible aspects, take walks and tours, travel around, hire guides, hire heritage accommodation, buy books & products lrelated to heritage like art & artefacts, handicrafts, traditional garments & jewellery, eat traditional vegetarian food, buy imagery, prints & framed prints, offer prasad at Delhi's historical sacred sites, even know about about the heritage property, Delhi Heritage Bazar is the one place. By bringing all products and services related to Delhi's heritage online at one point, Delhi Heritage Bazar widens your horizon of your choice and provides you the opportunity to select the products and services you are actually looking for.  The heritage desinations which are historically related to Delhi will also find place in Delhi Heritage Bazar for helping thsoe people who want to visit such areas to experience their history, culture and heritage.  


Beyond Mere Commerce

Delhi Heritage Bazar while promoting the sale & purchase of heritage products and services, goes beyond and provides all necessary information, knowledge and links to promote your understanding, appreciation and working with Delhi's heritage.   


A platform for Delhi's heritage lovers

Delhi Heritage Bazar also provides a platform to the heritage lovers of Delhi where they can interact and share their infomation, knowledge, products and services to preserve, conserve and promote the heritage of Delhi.   


A contribution to heritage of Delhi


And finally, the net proceeds from Delhi Heritage Bazar are dedcated towards the preservation and promotion of heritage of Delhi. 


 Angkor Heritage  

The great ancient Indian Civilisation flourished beyond the present boundaries and reached its zenith in ancient Kambuj (now Cambodia) in the form of Great Angkor Civilisation. All Angkor Temple sites in Siem Reap, today, are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the second most visited site in the world. Delhi Heritage Bazar, endevours to help organise the heritage tourism to Angkor Sites from Delhi by providing one commmon platform to all such agencies which are dealing with it.